audio works

Canta Che Non Passa / Our Singing Will Stop It


This work documents part of the repertoire of the informal choir “Canta Che Non Passa”. The choir is a spontaneous group of middle age/old people who are active in the NO TAV* movement in Valsusa, northern Italy. The choir’s repertoire consists mainly of protest songs adapted from preexisting musical sources, with new lyrics that have been created from scratch.

I recorded the choir during one of their rehearsals. Rather than positioning the microphone at a certain distance from the group and capture the multiplicity of voices, I chose to keep the microphone in my hands and point it to the individual voices of those members standing around me. This strategy was designed to stress the fallible and imperfect nature of the chorale and place emphasis on: 1) the singular/plural dimension of collective singing; 2) the beauty, strength, and vulnerability of non-professional voices.

The recordings have also been presented on a radio broadcast. The broadcast is part of an ongoing research about the history of the NO-TAV movement read through its songs.

* As clearly stated by the name of the choir (“Canta Che Non Passa” means “Sing, So It Won’t Pass” or better “Our Singing Will Stop It”, “Our Singing Will Stop the TAV”) the NO TAV movement opposes the creation of the new high speed railway line between Turin and Lyon. More info: brief history of the no tav movement and

Thanks to Mariano, Renato, Fulvio, Gianni, e tutt*.

Non Molleremo Mai / We Will Never Give Up

A 89 years old woman sings along with the musical motif of a well know football stadium chant. Her fragile voice clashes with the physicality of the music. Here’s the fight between life and death.

My Loss Will Be Your Gain

The material for this work comes from a tape cassette that I found in a derelict empty house. The material consists of a series of recording-tests performed by the woman who used to live in the house. The title of the piece – my loss will be your gain – refers to the accidental discovery of the tape after years of abandonment and neglect.

Singles Strokes

Two microphones are used as a pair of drumstick to play the snare drum. The recordings explore the physical properties and affordances of the microphone as an object. The work is part of a series of actions that investigate the practical materiality of the microphone and violate the basic rules and principles of audio technology. More actions here.

Back to Back with Paolo

The audio work documents the encounter between me and Paolo, two amateur singers that accidentally meet on the street at night time. After a short introduction, the encounter turns into a back to back chanting battle. The street becomes the stage of a spontaneous performance; the chants, a way to discover each other.

Magnifying My Sphere of Power

Magnifying My Sphere of Power is an audio work where I sing and play drums along with a selection of my favourite hard core punk songs. The work reflects on the power of music as an emotional inciter, an agitator that animates physical energy and one’s own agency.

(Fail We May) Sail We Must

The work includes two recordings of two different music rehearsal sessions that I recorded in the halls of a music school. The musicians in the recordings practice their pieces and repeat them over and over again. Their perseverance encourages listeners to understand failure as a necessary step in the process of growth. There’s no mistake you can’t learn from…

Don’t you dare to go under
Don’t let ‘em steal your thunder
Listen to the sound
Well, let ‘em grind that down
Don’t let them bastards grind you down
Lemmy – Motörhead

Tous Ensemble On Va Chanter

In this work, my friend Helen and I sing along with a recording I took of St.Etienne’s football supporters group Magic Fans (St.Etienne vs. Toulouse, 2011). The piece emphasizes the contagious nature of chanting. Despite Helen not being a member of the Magic Fans, she gets involved quite easily and participates in the singing without hesitation.

Memories of a Pigeon Shooter

An elderly man tells about his former career as amateur pigeon shooter. After telling about his prizes and victories, the meaning of his stories slowly comes to surface: the desire to remain somehow attached to his life memories and not be forgotten.

It’s Not the Architect’s Fault…

A retired hairdresser, a business man , a plumber, an accountant for the city council, a bird hunter, two young design students, a former real estate agent, a local urban planner… these are the people I interviewed on the main themes presented at the Italian Pavillion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010.

The piece was presented at the closing event of the Italian Pavillion, Venice Architecture Biennale, 21 nov. 2010.

Christmas at the Nursing Home

On Christmas afternoon, a music band plays live at the nursing home of Carpenedolo, a small town in province of Brescia, Northern Italy. During the performance, the band invites some of the residents to go on stage and sing. What makes the residents’ voices unique is their emotional involvement and desire to participate, regardless of any musical compentence.


This is me singing along with the music that comes from my neighbour’s flat.