photos by Fabio Artese

King is an emotional investigation of Gille Clement’s concept of third-space. Lead by choreographer Leonardo Delogu, the project is the result of a 2 years research on movement, body, listening and landscape and it is presented in the format of a live performance. My contribution to the project includes the realization of a series of audio pieces as well as the live mixing and the sound diffusion of the audio material.

Read more about the project on DOM website.

Meteor: Anemici Sangue Dalle Rape

METEOR IS: a. (guitar) , b: (drums) + Davide Tidoni (monstrous sounds).

Cuocere il Mondo

photos © Jean Noel Barak ( Andrea Macchia (

I co-created the sound-space scene for Cuocere il mondo working side-by-side with composer Lorenzo Brusci and choreographer Raffaella Giordano. Emphasizing the physical aspects of sound in relation to space perception and movement, I co-designed a sound environment that activated performers’ gestures and presence on stage.

During an intensive six month creation process, sound revealed itself as a key tool for leading company members through deep emotional states and body awareness. Sound also expanded dancers’ responsiveness and listening sensitiveness, resulting in the development of new ways of sensing and being on stage.

Read more about the project on Sosta Palmizi website.