SOCCOS + CTM – Berlin

Together with Carsten Stabenow I’m going to present a walk to the participants of the SOCCOS RESIDENCY PROGRAM. The walk is presented in the framework of the CTM festival in Berlin and tries to bridge connections between my approach to listening as intervention and the topic of the CTM festival 2016 New Geographies. The walk takes place on the 30th of january 2016 in Kottbusser Tor, Berlin. See HERE the keynotes produced for the walk.


I’ve recently published on line 3 new videos. They all relate to my research on listening as intervention and the activation of the acoustic space. +++ IN THE BLINK OF A EAR The video sees me triggering the acoustic response of an empty building by hitting the wall with a stick. To emphasize the hit, I adopted the following visual association: silence=black / sound=light. The title of the video is a clear reference to that. +++ UNDER THE BRIDGE Passages under bridges have always been interesting places for acoustic tests. In this video, the resonance of a concrete tunnel is triggered by the explosion of a series of firecrackers. +++ EXAGGERATED FOOTSTEPS This is me walking through different rooms of the same building. I compare the acoustic response of each room by means of a pair of metal plates that I attached to the sole of my shoes.


I’m gonna run my workshop LISTENING INTERVENTION in Milan at SPAZIO O’, on the 17th + 18th of October, and in Turin at SUPERBUDDA, on the 24th and 25th of October. The workshop is the indoor development of my previous UP IN THE VALLEY. Program and details on the links above. CIAO!!!

Listening Intervention

Ultras Recordings at ARGOS, Brussels

I present a selection of audio recordings from my FOOTBALL CHANTING PROJECT at the SoundImageCulture Exhibiton at ARGOS, Brussels. The recordings come together with a text publication and a video. Opening: 3th of october at 18:00. From the 4th to the 18 th of October. Location: ARGOS / Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier / 1000 Brussels. More Info: ///

if we sing2

Questions of Spectatorship? Santarcangelo Festival 2015

All Together!!! 90 Minuti Tutti Assieme is one of the audio pieces that I’m going to present at the PIATTAFORMA DELLA DANZA BALINESE, Santarcangelo Festival 2015. My presentation is centered around the theme of the PARTICIPANT SPECTATOR. Football supporters are one of the last example of active (counter) audience that still exists and performs in our western civilized world. Listen To ALL TOGETHER!!! 90 MINUTI TUTTI ASSIEME.

sic img4

UP IN THE VALLEY 2015 – Registrations Open!!!

Registrations to the UP IN THE VALLEY WORKSHOP are now open. Read the CONTENT and DETAILS of the workshop. See some MAGNIFICENT DOCUMENTATION IMAGES from the last edition of the workshop.

up in the valley workshop

Solid-Void at the Rumâgna Sdôza Fest

I’ve been invited to present a site-specific version of my performance SOLID-VOID at the RUMĂ‚GNA SDĂ”ZA FEST (piadina and noise for everybody!!!) /// 27 june 2015, Chiesuola di Russi, Ravenna (ITA). MORE INFO ABOUT THE FESTIVAL. See the image documentation of the performance Solid-Void presented last year in Bologna.

rumagna sdoza

UPM premiere, BiograFilmFestival, Bologna

The docu-movie UnitĂ  di Produzione Musicale (Music Production Unit) will have its premiere on the 13th of may at the Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives. In the movie I perform as myself. READ MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT HERE upm

The Sound Of White Noise – Docu Images

Here are some IMAGES from the listening workshop that I recently did in Berlin at Errant Bodies – Sound Art Space. If you are interested, you can also know more about the workshop here.

EB website

Davide Invades… PĹ™echodnĂ© ZĂłny Festival, Prague

Here’s the program of the new invasion: The Beeps are There (soundwalk) + Intersection (intervention) + Solid/Void (performance) + Hit The Building (soundwalk). Saturday the 30th of may. From 16:30 to 23:00. MORE INFO HERE.