Non Molleremo Mai / We Will Never Give Up

A 89 years old woman sings along with the musical motif of a well know football stadium chant. Her fragile voice clashes with the physicality of the music. Here’s the fight between life and death.

Rehearsal for the Demo

Rehersal For the Demo consists of five audio recordings of the chant rehearsal held in preparation for the demonstration at the Rackowiecka prison in Warsaw on the 2nd July 2016. The demonstration was organized in solidarity with the three Warsaw anarchists arrested on the night of May 23rd on charges of an alleged arson attempt of a police vehicle.




Thanks to: Edyta Jarzab, Syrena Squat Warsaw, Donia Jourabchi, and Rod Garden – Reclaim the Fields Polska.

My Loss Will Be Your Gain

The material for the piece comes from a tape cassette that I found in a derelict empty house. The material consists of a series of recording-tests performed by the woman who used to live in the house. The title of the piece – your loss will be my gain – refers to the accidental discovery of the tape after years of abandonment and neglect.

Forget The Theater – Go To The Stadium

The work reflects on the participatory dimension of football culture and makes a parallel with the shared feelings of identification, involvement and complicity that characterized the origins of western theater.

The piece groups together all the times the Italian word “dai” (in english “c’mon”) was used by the leaders of the supporters’ group BRESCIA 1911 during the matches Brescia vs. Catania, 2015. The word “dai” is used to motivate the members of the group to participate in the chanting and, as a consequence, to be part of the match.

3 New Recording Pieces

A radio microphone “walks” away from the signal receiver up to the point where the connection gets lost.

An acoustician illustrates the behaviour of sound in space by means of a practical demonstration. [...]

A collection of takes that show the constructed nature of studio-based recording production.

Mic The Drum

What happens when we stop thinking that the primary function of a microphone is to capture sound and translate air pressure into electronic signal? What happens when we violate the basic rules and principles of audio engineering and recording technology?

Mic the Drum is a series of audio recordings where, rather than a pair of drumsticks, I play drum with a pair of microphones. The project explores the physical properties and affordances of the microphone and presents a more intuitive and analog way to approach audio technology. By giving a body to the microphone, the project reflects on the physical affection and corporal aspect of material culture and how this sensual attraction subverts the conventional modes of consuming technology.

Mic the Drum is part of a series of works that investigates the practical materiality of audio technology. My interest is to go beyond technology’s vocational functions and set a new kind of relation with it. Here are the links to the other works: Leicester, Beyond the Yellow Line, Marebello Beach, How Far Can I Get.

Back to Back With Paolo

The audio work documents the encounter between me and Paolo, two amateur singers that accidentally meet on the street at night time. After a short introduction, the encounter turns into a back to back chanting battle. The street becomes the stage of a spontaneous performance. The chants, a way to discover each other.

Magnifying My Sphere of Power

Magnifying My Sphere of Power is an audio work where I sing and play drums along with a selection of my favourite hard core punk songs.

Based on my personal everyday-life musicking* activities, the project amplifies the power of music as an emotional inciter, an agitator that animates physical energy and self presence.

With this work I want to emphasize the role of the listener as a responsive agent that plays a central role in the musical process, and more generally reflect on what music listening means in terms of reconstruction of meaning (appropriation) and activation of personal agency (participation).

Memories of a Pigeon Shooter

An elderly man tells about his former career as amateur pigeon shooter. After telling about his prizes and victories, the meaning of his stories slowly comes to surface: the desire to remain somehow attached to his life memories and not be forgotten.

Playback Instructions:
- You don’t have to concentrate on every word that the shooter says. Feel free to walk around while he’s talking.
- If the monologue exceeds your personal physical tolerance, leave the room where the recording is playing so that the shooter would suddenly find himself speaking alone with nobody listening to him (he would then realize that he has been talking for too long).
- If you like it, you can play the piece in loop, like an extended mantra. The shooter would be happy to have somebody listening to him over and over again.

This Kind of Hugs

What would a 8 years old boy play to his girlfriend? Two of the sweetest compositions you have ever heard… Like cuddling in bed and falling asleep.

This Is My House

The voice of a little boy take us on a tour of his house.