From a Distance

from a distance

A loudspeaker is carried through a previously tested path/trail.
A fixed tone is played back at a predetermined volume from the loudspeaker.
A group of listeners position themselves in a specific spot in relation to the movement of the loudspeaker and the acoustic/spatial setting.
The listeners perceive the tone in relation to the distance between them and the loudspeaker.
The tone appears and disappears responding to the topography of the place, the choosen route and the atmospheric conditions.

The piece has been performed at the mountain festival Alture, ValTrompia, Brescia. For the occasion, a series of long sine sweeps and silences were played back from a loudspeaker that was carried from the malga Pontogna (1384 mt) to the top of the Gölem mountain (1957 mt). The piece/walk was about 50 minutes.