listening workshop

The workshop is open to anyone concerned with the possibility of interaction between sound, space, and the body.

Through a series of pieces and exercises based on spatial listening, body filtering, and sound-guided movements, the workshop reflects on the active role of the listener in actualising and interfering with the production of sound and its propagation.

Standing on the conviction that there is no listening without intervention (the observer is always participating to the observed event) the workshop approaches listening as the capacity to interact with sound and co-produce sound events.

A list of possible activities includes: your footsteps in the room; closed-eyes walk to the wall; touch the others with a microphone; someone is listening from inside a cardboard box; “anolog” filters and white noise; ears at the wall; hit the microphone with a slingshot; try to avoid any feedback to occur while walking to the amp; find the spot where two different sounds are perceived at the same loudness; walk away from the sound source up to the point where you cannot hear it anymore; participants’ bodies functioning as absorption panels,…