LA POLIZIA IN VALSUSA / Police in Valsusa

La polizia in Valsusa collects stories and reflections on the military occupation that the Italian state has been carrying out in Valsusa since 2005. The voices in the piece are from people inside the NO TAV movement, an Italian grass root struggle that, since the early 2000s, has opposed the construction of the second high-speed train line between Turin and Lyon.

The audio piece does not claim to be an exhaustive documentation of the many past and current incidents involving NO TAV and police. Instead, it tries to offer a picture, as candid and heartfelt as possible, of how the police and the army are perceived and opposed in Valsusa. This leaves room for broader reflections on the repressive nature of the state and the instrumental use of the police.

A Spanish version of the piece has been presented at Tsonami Festival 2022 in Valparaiso, Chile. French and English versions are in progress.