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The performance explores the architecture of specific sites by projecting white noise in space.

The fundamental parameters of the performance are: architectural elements (walls, colums, openings, …), body movements (360° rotation, presence/absence, movement speed), direction and movement of sound (direct/reflected, filtering), and the positioning of the audience (distance from the performer, positioning within a certain perimeter).

Here is the IMAGE DOCUMENTATION from a performance that i did in Bologna in 2014.

Architektur und Klang, afo, Linz, Austria

My video A Balloon for Linz is shown as part of the exhibition Architektur und Klang at the afo architectureforum upperaustria, Linz. The video is installed in a dedicated room with screen projection and mono (belly-height!!!) sound diffusion. The exhibition is curated by Andre Zogholy and runs from the 3rd of July to the 26th of October.


This is me singing along with the music that comes from my neighbour’s flat. Rather than ask them to STOP I preferred to GET ALONG. In this case NEGOTIATING was much more fun than ARGUING!

A Balloon For Linz

A Balloon for Linz brings to light the acoustic response of specific locations in Linz. Together with the video, a series of exploratory walks were organized in the city of Linz. Participants were invited to pop balloons and listen to the acoustic architecture of the urban space.
The project received an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2011.

It’s Not the Architect’s Fault! at the Venice Biennale

“A retired barber, a rich factory owner, a plumber, a hunter, and a former real estate agent reflect on the themes of the Italian Pavilion”. I present the outcomes from a series of open–ended interviews in the format of an audio piece. 21st of November 2010, approximately 17.00 hours, Italian Pavilion AILATI Reflections from the future, Venice Biennale, 12th International Architecture Exhibition.


Sound Consultancy at ScandurraStudio

Architect Alessandro Scandurra invited me to join his research team and collaborate to his project Open Source. The project will be exhibited at Ailati, Riflessi dal futuro, Padiglione Italia, 29 August – 21 November 2010, Venice Architecture Biennale.