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Honorary Mention, Ars Electronica, Linz

My project A Balloon For… has been awarded with an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2011. For the occasion, the new video “A Balloon for Linz” will be exhibited at CyberArts 2011. I will also lead “popping balloon walks” on the 2nd and 5th of September at 1:00am and the 3rd of September at 5:00am, departure point is in front of the Ok Centrum, Linz.


It’s Not the Architect’s Fault! at the Venice Biennale

“A retired barber, a rich factory owner, a plumber, a hunter, and a former real estate agent reflect on the themes of the Italian Pavilion”. I present the outcomes from a series of open–ended interviews in the format of an audio piece. 21st of November 2010, approximately 17.00 hours, Italian Pavilion AILATI Reflections from the future, Venice Biennale, 12th International Architecture Exhibition.


UltraSound at Raum, Bologna, Italy

On 16 December at 20:00 I present my research on football supporter chants. Featuring audio-video materials, my work documents football supporters’ sonic participation in football games in relation to the socio-political impact of modern football. The Same Moment, Raum, via Cà Selvatica 4/D, Bologna.

UltraSound[01] at Raum

Digital Art Weeks, Basel, Switzerland

My sound piece Camminamento S-Mascherante 1, taken from the field recording project SoundWalkScapes, exhibits from 25 to 28 September 2008 at A Diamond in the Mud, Digital Art Weeks, Literaturhaus Basel, Basel. With artistic direction provided by Art Clay.