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Attack/Decay is a night walk where participants are invited to explore the acoustics of specific locations by means of a custom built impulse generator device.
The acoustic qualities and the spatial features of the chosen locations serve as a point of departure for developing site related listening pieces.
Through direct experience, the walk introduces participants to primary acoustic principles and spatial listening, framed as a state of interference and interdependency with the propagation of sound in space.

Technical development by Airborne Instruments.
With the support of Nadine, laboratory for contemporary arts and the VGC.



The project consist of a series of instructions-based listening pieces that I have developed since 2009 as part of my research on sound, space, and the body. The final version of the first 8 pieces has been completed in 2016 with a residency at Overtoon and an exhibition at iMAL. A book publication containing the first 8 pieces + other 20 new ones is currently under development and will be published in 2023.


Concept & realisation: Davide Tidoni / Production: Davide Tidoni / Graphics: Davide Tidoni & Marzia Dalfini / Editor: Brian Shabaglian.


Up In The Valley is a workshop presenting a series of listening exercises and performances specifically designed for mountain locations. The activities are presented as part of a series of walking excursions and explore acoustic principles such as reflection, absorption, filtering, and the threshold of audibility. Mountain settings serve as unique setting providing specific qualities such as high silence/noise ratio, long-distance acoustic horizon and multiple reflecting surfaces.

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listening workshop

The workshop is open to anyone concerned with the possibility of interaction between sound, space, and the body.

Through a series of pieces and exercises based on spatial listening, body filtering, and sound-guided movements, the workshop reflects on the active role of the listener in actualising and interfering with the production of sound and its propagation.

Standing on the conviction that there is no listening without intervention (the observer is always participating to the observed event) the workshop approaches listening as the capacity to interact with sound and co-produce sound events.

A list of possible activities includes: your footsteps in the room; closed-eyes walk to the wall; touch the others with a microphone; someone is listening from inside a cardboard box; “anolog” filters and white noise; ears at the wall; hit the microphone with a slingshot; try to avoid any feedback to occur while walking to the amp; find the spot where two different sounds are perceived at the same loudness; walk away from the sound source up to the point where you cannot hear it anymore; participants’ bodies functioning as absorption panels,…



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Written in the form of a theatre script, my contribution to the book “On Listening” tells about the adventures of an attentive listener who is trying to capture the acoustic quality of a strictly surveilled area situated in the financial centre of London. READERS ARE INVITED TO PERFORM THE SCRIPT AROUND THE BARBICAN ESTATE (and/or any other residential estate property). DOWNLOAD THE PDF VERSION OF MY TEXT. The book is edited by Angus Carlyle and Cathy Lane and published by RGAP / CRiSAP. More about the book on the CRiSAP website.