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A choreographed sequence of white noise makes audible how sound propagates and interacts in relation to the architecture of the place.

The title of the work refers to the condition of interdependence that permeates all relationships. Streams of white noise become modified in relation to the surrounding physical space which sound encounters as it propagates. As we breathe the air we speak… drawing air inwards into our body and exhaling it outwards from our lungs back into surrounding space.

The performance in the video happened in 2021 but its first versions and research date back to 2014.

Performance: Davide Tidoni
Performed by Abigail Aleksander, Amber Meulenijzer, and Franziska Windisch
Video: Sander Tas with Davide Tidoni
Sound: Davide Tidoni


Attack/Decay is a night walk where participants are invited to explore the acoustics of specific locations by means of a custom built impulse generator device.
The acoustic qualities and the spatial features of the chosen locations serve as a point of departure for developing site related listening pieces.
Through direct experience, the walk introduces participants to primary acoustic principles and spatial listening, framed as a state of interference and interdependency with the propagation of sound in space.

Technical development by Airborne Instruments.
With the support of Nadine, laboratory for contemporary arts and the VGC.


Audio release with text and graphics.
The work documents a series of directly experienced balloon pops.
Each pop was performed using a balloon and a location.
All locations were encountered separately by chance and chosen for their unique acoustic response.
The recordings presented in the book are intended to document the action of popping, its situatedness, immediacy, and physicality.


recordings, graphic signs & texts: Davide Tidoni
design: Davide Tidoni
audio format: cd + download link
silkscreen: l’Appât
hand-binded leporello with folded cover: SongYi Han
pages: 16
dimensions: 110×150x6mm
year: 2018
number of copies: 64
publisher: Balloon&Needle
cost: 30 EUROS + shipping costs
orders: write to baitabaita AT riseup DOT net


concept: Davide Tidoni
design: Davide Tidoni
material: stainless steel
dimensions: 120×40x4mm
weight: 700 gr.
embossed printing: l’Appât
packaging: Tatsuya Inuikawa
year: 2018
number of copies: 50
cost: 15 EUROS + shipping costs
orders: baitabaita AT riseup DOT net


A loudspeaker is carried through a specific path/trail.
A series of both fixed and sweep tones are played back through the loudspeaker at fixed intervals and predetermined dynamics.
A group of listeners position themselves in a specific spot in relation to the path of the loudspeaker and the acoustic/spatial surround.
The listeners perceive the tone in relation to their distance from the loudspeaker.
The tones appears and disappears responding to the topography of the place, the specific path of the loudspeaker and the atmospheric conditions.

The piece has been performed at the mountain festival Alture, ValTrompia, Brescia. For the occasion, a series of long sine sweeps and silences were played back from a loudspeaker that was carried from the malga Pontogna (1384 mt) to the top of the Gölem mountain (1957 mt). The piece/walk was about 50 minutes.


This is me walking through different rooms of the same building. I compare the acoustic response of each room by means of a pair of metal plates that I attached to the sole of my shoes.


The video sees me triggering the acoustic response of an empty building by hitting the wall with a stick. To emphasize the hit, I adopted the following visual association: silence=black / sound=light. The title of the video is a clear reference to that.


Passages under bridges have always been interesting places for acoustic tests. In this video, the resonance of a concrete tunnel is triggered by the explosion of a series of firecrackers.


A loudspeaker is installed on the side of a straight road. It diffuses a constant stream of white noise. The loudspeaker is positioned in such a way that the projection of white noise is perpendicular to the direction of the cars. The audience stands opposite to the loudspeaker on the other side of the road.

When a car drives on the road, it intersects the projection of white noise. In this way the audience can perceive a cut in the white noise continuum. The sequence of cuts is organized in relation to the number, speed and size of cars that pass on the road.

The intersection between white noise and cars generates sound effects of masking, cut-out and cross-fade

Rough docu video here: (password “ciao”).


A Balloon for Linz brings to light the acoustic response of specific locations in Linz. Together with the video, a series of exploratory walks were organized in the city of Linz. Participants were invited to pop balloons and listen to the acoustic architecture of the urban space. The project received an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2011.