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Non Molleremo Mai / We Will Never Give Up

A 89 years old woman sings along with the musical motif of a well know football stadium chant. Her fragile voice clashes with the physicality of the music. Here’s the fight between life and death.

The Sound of Normalization


Since 2002 I’ve been researching football supporter subculture, audience participation and crowd regulation. The overall research concerns the nexus of public space, social performance and surveillance in contemporary Italian football.

The aim of the research is to trace mechanisms of social interaction and aesthetic creation in football supporters’ subculture via an examination of the sound practices shared by the nationally known group Brescia 1911. Relations between sound production and space construction are investigated especially in the light of dynamics of social control adopted in football grounds in the last years.

My research contributes to a better understanding of sound’s function in group identity formation and collective consumption as well as how sound performance and social repertoire evolve in relation to public security measures and space control.

As both an invited speaker and an attendee, from 2007 to the present, I have presented this research in multiple formats at a variety of academic and artistic venues such as: Mondiali Antirazzisti, Bologna 2008; Sounding Out, University of Sunderland 2008; The Buffer Zone, American Academy in Rome 2009; School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sociology and Philosophy Department, University of Exeter 2009; The Same Moment, Raum, Bologna 2009, and ARGOS centre for art and media, Brussel 2014.

Over the years I have developed a strong professional network. Members helped me to clarify my research focus and expressed sincere interest in my research. Among others, this list includes Tia DeNora, whose Sociology of Music course at University of Exeter I visited in Autumn 2009 and Jonathan Sterne, whose Sound Studies course at McGill University I visited in Autumn 2008, Raviv Ganchrow, whose SoundSpace course at the Sonology Institute in Den Haag I visited in 2013, and the staff at SoundImageCulture, an experimental ethnography course that I took in 2014 in Brussels.

In 2015, a first concrete materialization of the project has been exhibited at ARGOS, centre for art and media, Brussels. The exhibition consisted of a selection of 30 audio recordings that I gathered over a period of 13 years (2002>2015). The recordings came with a video and a text.

My greatest respect and affection go to the football supporters group BRESCIA 1911. MAI PAGATI MAI SCAPPATI – ULTRAS LIBERI!!!

Forget The Theater – Go To The Stadium

The work reflects on the participatory dimension of football culture and makes a parallel with the shared feelings of identification, involvement and complicity that characterized the origins of western theater.

The piece groups together all the times the Italian word “dai” (in english “c’mon”) was used by the leaders of the supporters’ group BRESCIA 1911 during the matches Brescia vs. Catania, 2015. The word “dai” is used to motivate the members of the group to participate in the chanting and, as a consequence, to be part of the match.