keyword - white noise


photo by Katink Meersy
A loudspeaker projecting white noise is slowly taken by the high tide. As the tide rises up, the white noise gets modulated in relation to the movement of the water.



The Sound of White Noise is an audio piece consisting of a series of listening instructions that are broadcasted on the radio and performed by the radio listeners at home. The instructions are about specific body positions and movements that the listeners have to perform in relation to the sound system they are using and the space where they are. A recorded voice gives the instructions and guides the listeners through the entire duration of the piece. Each instruction invites the listeners to interact with the white noise that is diffused through the radio. The movements and gestures that the listeners perform modify the stream of white noise that is diffused in the room and the way it is perceived.

The piece has been broadcasted on the 29th of April 2015 on Deutschland Radio Kultur. A french version of the piece has been realized in 2017 (produced by ACSR, Brussels) and received a mention at the Phonurgia Nova Prix Art Sonore, Paris 2017.

Solid Void


A choreographed sequence of white noise makes audible how sound propagates and interacts in relation to the architecture of the place and the movements of the performer.

Fundamental parameters for developing the performance are: 1) architectural features (walls, colums, openings, …); 2) direction and movement of sound (360° rotation, direct/reflected, filtering, speed of movement); 3) the positioning of the audience (positioning within a certain perimeter, distance from the performer).