The Best of NoTAV is a songbook that includes lyrics, contextual notes and reinterpretations of 15 songs from the No-TAV struggle.
Conceived as an historical documentation of the struggle, narrated through its own songs, the work also functions on a performative level. The ironic and seductive character of the musical rearrangements easily infiltrates the listeners’ attention, inviting them to sing aloud on their own.

The publication of the songbook is accompanied by the music video The Golden Years of San Didero. The video includes footages shot by the political police on Dec. 8, 2011, during a demonstration against the newly installed TAV construction site.

You can order a physical copy by writing to: baitabaita AT riseup DOT net. All the proceedings will go to the NoTAV movement and to the Anti-repression Fund of the Western Alps (Cassa Anti-Repressione delle Alpi occidentali). Note: first edition available only in Italian.

Download the pdf of the songbook here.

More about the No TAV struggle: