Catch Me If You Can

Catch me if you can

A listener walks in a space holding a snare-drum in front of his face.
A thrower position himself opposite to the performer and set off a number of fire fountains and rockets aiming to reach the snare-drum (listener) and listen to sound of the hit.
Catch me if you can

From a Distance

from a distance

A loudspeaker is carried through a previously tested path/trail.
A fixed tone is played back at a predetermined volume from the loudspeaker.
A group of listeners position themselves in a specific spot in relation to the movement of the loudspeaker and the acoustic/spatial setting.
The listeners perceive the tone in relation to the distance between them and the loudspeaker.
The tone appears and disappears responding to the topography of the place, the choosen route and the atmospheric conditions.

The piece has been performed at the mountain festival Alture, ValTrompia, Brescia. For the occasion, a series of long sine sweeps and silences were played back from a loudspeaker that was carried from the malga Pontogna (1384 mt) to the top of the Gölem mountain (1957 mt). The piece/walk was about 50 minutes.


A selection of firecrackers and fireworks are light up from within a drum set.
The explosions grow up to the point where they cannot be contained anymore.
The drum set gets on fire and burn down.
The piece reflects on the dramatic end of a body (drum set) that has been fed with fear and doubts about realizing his/her right to power and freedom.



A loudspeaker is installed on the side of a straight road. It diffuses a constant stream of white noise. The loudspeaker is positioned in such a way that the projection of white noise is perpendicular to the direction of the cars. The audience stands opposite to the loudspeaker on the other side of the road.

When a car drives on the road, it intersects the projection of white noise. In this way the audience can perceive a cut in the white noise continuum. The sequence of cuts is organized in relation to the number, speed and size of cars that pass on the road. The intersection between white noise and cars generates sound effects of masking, cut-out and cross-fade

Rough docu video here: (password “ciao”).

How Far Can I Get

how far i can get

1) A performer swings a microphone in the air.
2) At each turn the microphone cable is stretched a few inches more.
3) The performer continues in this way until the cable length becomes unmanageable and the microphone goes crashing to the ground.

The performance is a metaphor about becoming aware of each one’s individual limitations. The cable length represents the point of maximum extension beyond which each one meets his own fear and force. The impact of the microphone to the ground represents the breaking point, the realization of each one’s personal limit, character and vulnerable nature.

Video – Research Material: (password is “ciao”)
Video – Live Performance: (password is “ciao”)


A Slingshot And I photo by Luca Ghedini
A thrower, equipped with a slingshot, tries to hit a microphone.

The impact of the hit is amplified and diffused at high volume from a loudspeaker.

The amplification of the hit allows the thrower to experience the “sensitivity” of the microphone, or in other words: to understand and share the feelings of another body.

Watch the DOCUMENTATION VIDEO here (my piece is at 17′:18” of the video).



The performance explores the architecture of specific sites by projecting white noise in space.

The fundamental parameters of the performance are: architectural elements (walls, colums, openings, …), body movements (360° rotation, presence/absence, movement speed), direction and movement of sound (direct/reflected, filtering), and the positioning of the audience (distance from the performer, positioning within a certain perimeter).

Here is the IMAGE DOCUMENTATION from a performance that i did in Bologna in 2014.

A Balloon For Linz

A Balloon for Linz brings to light the acoustic response of specific locations in Linz. Together with the video, a series of exploratory walks were organized in the city of Linz. Participants were invited to pop balloons and listen to the acoustic architecture of the urban space.
The project received an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2011.