photo by Michela Di Savino
The point of departure for this work is a series of listening exercises for exploring the relation between sound, space, and movement. After having presented the exercises as pedagogical tools for more than ten years as part of my workshop practice, I’ve decided to use them as source material for developing choreographed actions and performances.

Exploring the interdependence between touch and sound and the capacity of the body to filter and modulate the propagation of sound in space, the work reflects on the active role of the listener and on their agency to act upon and intervene within the acoustic field.

Video documentation (PSSWRD: “LAI2021″).


A choreographed sequence of white noise makes audible how sound propagates and interacts in relation to the architecture of the chosen location.

The title of the work refers to the condition of interdependence that permeates all relationships. Streams of white noise become modified in relation to the surrounding physical space which sound encounters as it propagates. As we breathe the air we speak… drawing air inwards into our body and exhaling it outwards from our lungs back into surrounding space.

The performance in the video happened in 2021 but its first versions and research date back to 2014.

A work by Davide Tidoni
Performed by Abigail Aleksander, Amber Meulenijzer, and Franziska Windisch
Video: Sander Tas with Davide Tidoni
Sound: Davide Tidoni


A selection of firecrackers, fire fountains and fireworks are light up from within a drum set. The explosions grow up to the point where they cannot be contained anymore. The drum set gets on fire and burns down.
The piece reflects on the dramatic end of a body (drum set) that has been fed with fear and doubts about realizing his/her right to self-empowerment and freedom.


A microphone is treated with hot wax drops and eventually set on fire…

the mic is exposed
no armor to wear
facing the world
a punch in the chest
each touch is a mark
each flame is a trace
its body a map that accumulates
the sound it makes
a desperate cry
feeling all those blows
until it dies

photo by Katerina Tamvaki


Night Walks was presented at Où sont les sons? Where Are Sounds?. Centrale for Contemporary Arts, Brussels. Curated by Nicole Gingras. More about the walks.


Catch me if you can

A performer walks in a space holding a snare-drum in front of their face. Another performer positions themselves opposite to the other and sets off a number of fire rockets aimed at hitting the snaredrum.”
Developed as a slow walk punctuated with bangs of varying intensity, the action aims to explore the sense of uncertainty one feels when faced with sudden changes.

Catch me if you can



A body moves in space modulating the acoustic feedback that occours between microphone and loudspeaker. According to the position occupied, the body can block or activate the feedback.

Starting from the exploration of the physical nature of sound waves (frequency and wave lenght), the performance reveals the capacity of the body to filter and alter the propagation of sound in space.

Rough video documentation (PSSWRD:”SB”)