Here are the works that I presented as part of the exhibition Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! – The sounding Cultures of Football, Oxford Brookes University, 15june>15july.

FORGET THE THEATER – GO TO THE STADIUM documents all of the times that the italian word “dai” (in english “c’mon”) was used by the leaders of the ultras group BRESCIA 1911 during Brescia vs. Catania, 2015. The word “dai” is commonly used as an exhortation to urge the group to participate in the chanting.

THE SOUND OF NORMALISATION is a collection of audio recordings documenting the sound culture of the ultras group Brescia 1911 in relation to modern football and the wave of repressive measures targeted at organised  supporters groups. Each recording comes with a short introductory text and is presented here as a video with subtitles. 

ULTRAS MASHUP consists of a series of audio tracks in which recordings of football chants are mixed with the “original” songs they are based on. The work reflects on the musical aspects of football supporters’ culture and supporters’ practice of creation through appropriation.

ULTRAS KARAOKE is the karaoke version of a series of football supporters’ chants. The lyrics of supporters are superimposed with a midi-track of the original songs the chants are based on.