Solid-Void at the Rumâgna Sdôza Fest

I’ve been invited to present a site-specific version of my performance SOLID-VOID at the RUMÂGNA SDÔZA FEST (piadina and noise for everybody!!!) /// 27 june 2015, Chiesuola di Russi, Ravenna (ITA). MORE INFO ABOUT THE FESTIVAL. See the image documentation of the performance Solid-Void presented last year in Bologna.

rumagna sdoza

UPM premiere, BiograFilmFestival, Bologna

The docu-movie Unità di Produzione Musicale (Music Production Unit) will have its premiere on the 13th of may at the Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives. In the movie I perform as myself. READ MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT HERE upm

Davide Invades… Přechodné Zóny Festival, Prague

Here’s the program of the new invasion: The Beeps are There (soundwalk) + Intersection (intervention) + Solid/Void (performance) + Hit The Building (soundwalk). Saturday the 30th of may. From 16:30 to 23:00. MORE INFO HERE.

Workshop at ERRANT BODIES, Berlin

I give my workshop The Sound of White Noise on the 27th and 28th of may at Errant Bodies Sound Art Space in Berlin. The worskhop is structured in 4 different sessions of 3 hours each. Participants can follow as many sessions as they like. MORE INFO + HOW TO REGISTER.

New Audio Piece on Deutschland Radio Kultur

The sound of White Noise will be broadcasted on the 29th of April on Deutschland Radio Kultur. This new audio piece is part of my research on listening as a form of intervention. Following a series of vocal instructions, the radio listeners are invited to perform specific actions that alter the way they perceive white noise.


I FOUND MY WAY out now on Desetxea!

The video piece I FOUND MY WAY is out now on Desetxea, the web label anarchically run by artist Mattin. The video was made in Bruxelles in 2013 as part of a workshop on Urban-Modes-of-Listening led by Raviv Ganchrow. In the video, I use my voice as an existential strategy that allows me I) to discover the acoustic response of the city and II) not to be absorbed by the grayness of the metropolis. You can watch I FOUND MY WAY on my YouTube channel too. Enjoy!

Davide Invades… The Brussels Program

Davide Invades Bxl Program2 Small

New Stuff on YouTube / SoundCloud / Flickr

Some of my research videos are now available on MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The videos are all related to my interest to site-specific sound effects and to the act of listening as a form of intervention and activation of space. I’ve also uploaded a selection of my audio recordings on MY SOUND CLOUD PAGE as well as a photographic documentation of some of my past workshops on MY FLICKR PAGE . Enjoy!

Davide Invades… The Bologna Program

Mike the Drums, New Performance in Brussels

What happens when we stop thinking that the primary function of a microphone is to capture sound and translate air pressure into electronic signal? What happens when we violate the basic rules and principles of audio engineering and recording technology? Mike the Drums is a performance where, rather than a pair of drumsticks, I play drums with a pair of microphones. The project explores the physical properties and affordances of the microphone and presents a more intuitive and analog way to approach audio technology. The performance is at DE LA CHARGE, Rue Théodore Verhaegen 152, SAINT-GILLES, BRUXELLES. 7pm, 12 december 2014. READ THE FULL PRESENTATION HERE.

NOISEY features Davide interview

Here’s the interview that I had for NOISEY – Music by VICE. Amongst other things I talk about: i) my research workshop UP IN THE VALLEY ii) provincialism and narrow minded hipsters iii) my last performance Slingshot, and iiii) the relation that I have with my hometown Brescia. ONLY FOR ITALIAN READERS – SORRY!!!.

New Audio Works at RADIOFONICA, Milan

I’m happy to announce that I’m part of RADIOFONICA, a 3 days event of Radio Art in Milan. For Radiofonica Tidoni will present two works that are also two meetings and two characters: The Night of the Shooting Stars and Back to Back with Paolo. His approach is anti-radiophonic and therefore it works: almost no editing, no explanation, no formalisms. You perceive being at the exact point where documentary and sound art rub against each other and this rubbing makes a damn noise. RADIOFONICA is a project by SPAZIO O’, curated by Alessandro Bosetti and Anna Raimondo. 6/7/8 november 2014 at SPAZIO O’.


Slingshot, RAUM, Bologna

i’ ve been invited to be part of CATACOMB BOMB., a 3 days event that celebrates the eleven years of activity of RAUM/XING. For the occasion, I’ll present the performance Slingshot. The performance is for a microphone, a slingshot and a thrower. Come at RAUM and “hit” the mic on sunday the 5th of October at 5:30pm. Watch the DOCUMENTATION VIDEO here (my piece is at 17′:18” of the video). catacomb bomb

New track on Balloon&Needle

I’m part of the compilation Music Made With Balloon and/or Needle with a new sound piece called A Balloon for My Spine. The piece is a continuation of the project A Balloon For…. This time, rather than exploring the acoustics of specific architectural sites, the sound piece investigates the physical response of the body to the popping of the balloon. You can read the ARTISTIC STATEMENT of the piece here. To ORDER the compilation see informations on the Balloon&Needle website. balloonnneedle

Ultra Ultra Red – Book Launch

I’ve been invited to contribute to the publication/translation of the Ultra-red’s book 10-Preliminary-Theses-on-Militant-Sound-Investigation. The publication is an hybrid project that includes an introduction by the collective Ultra-red, a CD with 10 sound hypotheses based on the 10 theses, the italian translation of the book, and the creative translation/interpreations of the 10 theses. I interpreted one the 10 theses producing a text that highlights the relations between political activism, football supporter subculture and the fight against modern football. The book is published by VIAINDUSTRIAE publishing and will be presented at Umbrialibri 2014 – RadioEuropa / la festa di Radio3 on saturday 14 june 2014, at the Teatro del Pavone, Perugia.