Ultras Mashup consists of a series of audio tracks in which football chants’ recordings are mixed with the “original” songs they are based on. The work reflects on the musical aspects of football supporters’ culture and supporters’ practice of creation through appropriation.

The work includes football supporters’ repurposed versions of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera theme Aida, Jewish traditional song from psalm 23 Gam Gam, Marcella Bella’s 1972 Sanremo Festival success Montagne Verdi, Walt Disney’s whistling theme from Robin Hood, northern italian folk song La Mula de Parensio, Coca-Cola jingle Buy the World a Coke, Dean Martin’s signature song That’s Amore, and Righeira’s 80’s summer hit L’Estate Sta Finendo.

The football chants used in the tracks have been recorded at the stadium and on away matches as part of my involvement with the ultras group Brescia 1911 (2001 – ongoing).

recordings & mixing: Davide Tidoni
design: Davide Tidoni & Marzia Dalfini
silkscreen: l’Appât
publisher: SARU Oxford Brookes University
number of copies: 200
year: 2018
orders: write to baitabaita AT riseup DOT net