The work consists of a series of stories, personal reflections, and direct experiences from the No TAV struggle, an Italian grassroots movement that has opposed the construction of the second high-speed train line between Turin and Lyon since the early 2000s.

Through the voices of various people involved in the movement, the work brings together some of the central themes of the No TAV struggle, including: the technical flaws and deficiencies of the high-speed project; the relationship between struggle, community and personal growth; and the military defense plan put in place to protect the TAV construction sites.

The first three episodes of the work were broadcast in May 2023 by RAI, the Italian National Radio. The broadcast of the fourth episode was canceled shortly before airing. For this reason, the four episodes are now published in entirety, restoring the integrity and scope of the work. The fourth episode is presented in a longer version than the one originally made for RAI.

The title “(Valsusa Outtakes) Fragments from the No TAV Struggle” refers to the fact that the audio recordings included in the work were taken while I was making field recordings for an archival project on No TAV protest songs (currently in progress). Due to the contents of the recordings, which are not directly related to protest songs, I’ve decided not to include them in the archival project and instead use them for creating a new work.

An English translation of the work is in progress.